Safecall Whistleblowing Hotline Overview

The Whistleblowing Hotline

Our whistleblowing hotline enables your employees, contractors and suppliers to report issues relating to their working environment in a safe and secure way via phone and web.

Implementing a Whistleblowing hotline is essential for companies looking to gain insight into their business. Whistleblowing reporting channels can act as an early warning system for potential risk as well as giving your employees the freedom to raise concerns. 

Whistleblowing Hotline - Product Overview

A whistleblowing hotline provided by Safecall helps you to:
• Maximise your chances of detecting misconduct • Promote transparency within your organisation,
• Demonstrate good governance to your stakeholders • Safeguard your corporate culture • Comply with relevant regulation(s)

Protect your Organisation

The Safecall Whistleblowing Hotline helps protect your organisation by providing an additional route for people to raise conduct related concerns. The quality of information we are able to provide helps you to resolve these quickly and effectively.


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Raising Concerns

If someone becomes aware of potential wrongdoing associated with your organisation they can choose to report their concern through Safecall’s telephone or web reporting channels.

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Promote the Service

When you’ve signed up with Safecall we help you to promote our telephone and web reporting channels to your workforce.

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Quality of Information

Safecall’s experienced professional report handlers take concerns relating to wrongdoing within your organisation and produce a report detailing the concerns being raised. The report is passed to nominated responsible people in your organisation for assessment, investigation and conclusion.


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Whistleblowing Reporting Channels

Telephone Reporting

Our telephone reporting channel is staffed exclusively by experienced investigators. Our report handlers are skilled at speaking with people, from all walks of life, often in difficult and emotional circumstances; giving people the time and space to relay important information in their own words.

The quality of information that we are able to provide gives your organisation the best possible chance of an effective triage, investigation and outcome.


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Web Reporting

Located at our online reporting process helps people raise concerns securely at any time of day and in their preferred language.

You are able to establish an open line of communication with the reporting person, regardless of the channel they use and even if they are anonymous, through our software.

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The Safecall Whistleblowing System

Report Delivery

You will receive a notification that you have a new case report and will receive reminders until you acknowledge the receipt of the report.

Case Management

Using our Case Management product you will also be able to manage cases received by other channels through our platform creating a single source of truth. You will also gain access to features such as case triage, risk assessment and outcomes management.


You are able to request further information or provide updates to the reporting person via our software platform, even when the reporting person has chosen to remain anonymous.


Our software platform is provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis and benefits from industry leading cyber security arrangements.

All of our data centers are located in the UK.

Data Protection

All of our systems and processes are compliant with GDPR. Our case management platform helps you to comply with data protection legislation by allowing you to set your own data redaction timelines in line with your organisations policies and procedures.

Benefits of Using an Independent Service


People may choose to report their concerns via an independent provider for a number of reasons. The reporting person may:

  • Have a concern relating to someone in a more senior position
  • Be concerned that their identity will not be protected
  • Fear retaliation from the subject of the report, or even their employer
  • Believe that their concerns will not be taken seriously
  • Have previously reported their concerns

Having an independent provider help to alleviate some of these concerns, meaning you should have a more comprehensive view of wrongdoing within your organisation.


Our reporting channels are available:

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Internationally
  • With full language support as standard

Quality of Information

Because we exclusively employ professional call handlers with significant experience in evidence gathering, the information you receive from Safecall is typically of high quality, follows a logical order and includes information to help you to assess, investigate and conclude each case more efficiently and effectively.

Whistleblowing Software

Our software allows you to receive and manage your cases securely, effectively
and efficiently in-line with industry best practice.

You can ensure that all of your cases are handled consistently and in line with your policies and procedures.

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