We provide our clients with a safe and secure means by which their people can speak up with confidence

Our specialist team will guide and support you through the implementation of a service that will protect your people, reputation and bottom line

The professional yet human touch in whistleblowing

Our whistleblowing hotline enables your employees, contractors and suppliers to report issues relating to their working environment in a safe and secure way via phone, web and email

Experts. Professional. Focused. Trusted: Meet Safecall

For almost two decades, Safecall has assisted organisations around the world to mitigate risk, protect revenue and reputation, and encourage an increased level of transparency. No matter what size of organisation, our service is tailored to meet your requirements.

It’s impossible to know everything that goes on in your organisation

Employees, contractors and other stakeholders are your eyes and ears, the value of their knowledge should never be dismissed. The implementation of the Safecall’s whistleblowing service, will finally gain a sense of your organisation’s true temperature.

Speaking up has never been more important for an organisation

Whistleblowing must be given the right attention and handled correctly or an organisation risks its own stability and growth. With regulatory compliance as it is today as well as an inflammatory social media, creating a culture of openness is critical.

  • Stewart Hughes

    "The message that it is good to speak up has to come from within the organisation. Having Safecall as our external provider shows our employees that we mean what we say and are committed to supporting people who report wrongdoing, even where their concern turns out to be unfounded."

    Stewart Hughes, Head of Group Security and Investigations
  • Graham Brunton

    "When dealing with a Safecall report the outcome is not always made public. Safecall makes it easy to connect with anonymous callers to maintain their confidentiality. This allows us to keep them informed as much as possible especially if the outcome wouldn’t necessarily be obvious. This is key to the success of a hotline programme."

    Graham Brunton, Group Ethics & Compliance Manager

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