Why do you need a Whistleblowing hotline

Implementing a Whistleblowing hotline, or a confidential reporting system, is essential for companies looking to gain insight into their business. Whistleblowing reporting channels can act as an early warning system for potential risk as well as giving your employees the freedom to raise concerns.

Know more about what is going on in your organisation

It can be difficult for employees, contractors and other stakeholders to speak up. They are your eyes and ears, and their knowledge is highly valuable. Safecall’s whistleblowing service will let you create a culture of openness and gain a true sense of your organisation.

Safecall's whistleblowing service scales with you

As your organisation grows you need more from your whistleblowing service. Safecall can provide whistleblowing reporting channels for all shapes and sizes of organisations, ensuring regulatory compliance and best in class reporting and investigations.

  • "New BRC Global Standards for Food Safety meant that I required an external whistleblowing hotline for my business, quickly. Extenuating circumstances meant that I needed something implemented within a couple of days, Safecall understood this and went above and beyond to get me up and running within 30 minutes of signing the contract. The service was clearly explained to me and it fits my needs exactly. The on-boarding process was simple, smooth and thorough. The Safecall team were able to customise their resources with our branding so that we had posters and web reporting available to our employees within minutes of our call ending. It’s great that I was able to source and implement a solution so swiftly and in which I have such confidence."

    Head of Technical, Fresh Produce Supplier
  • Stewart Hughes

    "The message that it is good to speak up has to come from within the organisation. Having Safecall as our external provider shows our employees that we mean what we say and are committed to supporting people who report wrongdoing, even where their concern turns out to be unfounded."

    Stewart Hughes, Head of Group Security and Investigations
  • Graham Brunton

    "When dealing with a Safecall report the outcome is not always made public. Safecall makes it easy to connect with anonymous callers to maintain their confidentiality. This allows us to keep them informed as much as possible especially if the outcome wouldn’t necessarily be obvious. This is key to the success of a hotline programme."

    Graham Brunton, Group Ethics & Compliance Manager

Challenging Times

We find ourselves in very challenging times and for us all the work situation and advice to businesses is changing daily. As the situation currently is, we will be continuing to work with a mixture of office and home workers.

We are however very aware that should we be advised to do so or should we consider the health of our colleagues be at risk, a more extensive remote working action plan will come into effect. This is ready to implement in order to offer a continuation of services in the event that restricted working is made compulsory.

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