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Our workplace investigation and investigations advice service helps you tackle potential misconduct quickly, efficiently and independently.

With expert and experienced investigators and advice available on demand, we can support you to carry out your own investigations, or conduct the investigation process on your behalf.

We have been a provider of UK, EU, European and global workplace investigations and whistleblowing systems since 1999, so we are ideally placed to support all sizes of business, not for profit, and government organisations.

Free Workplace Investigations Resources

The whistleblowing investigations journey from report to resolution:

6 minutes

Receiving and encouraging reports

Covering the initial steps required when receiving and logging whistleblowing reports.

9 minutes

Handling a report: triage & assessment

Techniques for triaging and assessing the credibility and urgency of whistleblowing reports.

9 minutes

Taking the best approach

Identifying and implementing the most effective investigative actions to deal with the report.

10 minutes

Conducting effective investigations

The best practices for conducting thorough and impartial workplace investigations.

7 minutes

Decision making and resolution

Strategies for making informed decisions and resolving whistleblowing cases effectively.

6 minutes

Post Investigation follow up

Essential steps for post-investigation follow-up to maintain trust and integrity with all stakeholders.

Making the decision to investigate a workplace issue can be difficult.

Often, it’s only when we’re confronted by a report that seems more complex than normal, do many of us think ‘I’m not quite certain what to do here.’

That’s why Safecall have made this decision-making download freely available.

Workplace investigation triage workflow

Why choose Safecall?


Carrying out workplace investigations should be fair, transparent and proportionate. This helps prevent business liability, reputational damage, and avoids worsening any situation for all involved.

We are leading independent providers of whistleblowing systems, training and investigations.

Expertise and experience

It is essential that employers follow procedures to ensure investigations are conducted correctly to avoid potential tribunal and legal issues.

We have the extensive expertise and experience required to help you navigate investigation procedure and process; and we are used to carrying out investigations in the workplace.

On-demand capacity

Not all employers or organisations have the time or resources to conduct a workplace investigation quickly and efficiently.

We offer flexible on-demand investigator and interviewer capacity: you choose when, where, and how much investigative support you require.

Dedicated focus

The successful resolution of whistleblower reports requires an efficient and focused response.

We provide a dedicated and experienced investigator who will handle all aspects of your investigation.

Investigative parameters agreed in advance

When it comes to investigations, the last thing that anyone wants is scope creep.

We avoid this by agreeing terms of reference in advance between the client sponsor and the investigator.

Our comprehensive workplace investigation services include

Internal Investigation SupportAssisting businesses in conducting internal investigations and the production of investigation reports in compliance with ACAS guidelines and legal obligations.

Whistleblowing Investigation Training – Providing workplace investigations training to help employees conduct investigations accurately and impartially.

Workplace Audits – Reviewing investigation policies, procedures and the client’s workplace investigation process to minimise the risk of future employment law claims.

Fact-Finding – Creating an investigation plan, and gathering all investigation case facts in an impartial manner and evaluating them objectively.

Witness Interviewing – Conducting workplace interviews with witnesses and compiling signed, dated, and agreed witness statements.

Practical Guidance – Providing guidance on investigative next steps, and ongoing investigation support, for as long as necessary after the investigation.

Full Investigation Services – Carrying out the complete investigation on behalf of the business using independent former UK Police external investigators.

“We help clients navigate the challenges they may face, when dealing with internal investigations, in an open, transparent, and efficient manner”

Tim Smith,
Operations Director, Safecall

How our investigations work


Who carries out the workplace investigation or provides investigative advice?

Our specialist workplace investigators are all experienced former police officers or senior HR personnel – often from senior investigating officer levels – and with significant operational experience.

They have conducted workplace investigations in a wide range of circumstances – often concerning issues which are stressful or emotional for those involved. Our investigators have investigated concerns including: whistleblowing disclosures, allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, and regulatory misconduct.

They ensure any investigation carried out on a client’s behalf is done so in line with best practice, is wholly impartial, and is directed by the facts.

We allocate individuals with appropriate skills and experience to match the specific nature of your workplace concern.


What types of workplace investigation do you conduct?

We are able to conduct and support investigations covering a wide range of potential misconduct situations including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • HR/workplace issues
  • Environmental
  • Criminal


How is the investigation managed and how long will it take?

We establish terms of reference and investigative parameters with our client at the outset.

The duration of an investigation can vary between days and weeks. The length of the investigation depends on the number of witnesses involved, and the volume of information and documentation that needs to be collected and reviewed.

We work with employers to establish an estimated timeline for the whistleblowing investigation, which is subject to adjustments based on any new issues that arise, but we always ensure the client is fully aware of any developments.

Any investigation is overseen by our Operations Director, Tim Smith.

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