Whistleblower Hotline Channel

Whistleblowing hotlines help safeguard your business, your reputation and your employees.

A whistleblower hotline enables your employees, contractors and suppliers to report issues relating to their working environment in a safe and secure way via phone.

Implementing an anonymous employee hotline is essential for companies wanting insight into their business. Both internal and external whistleblowing acts as an early warning of potential risk and gives your employees the security to raise concerns.

“Using an external whistleblowing provider like Safecall has had cultural benefits within our organisation. It inspires confidence among our colleagues, knowing they can report anonymously and in their own language.”


Exceptional Quality and People-Centric Approach
Our Whistleblower Hotline Channel stands out for its high-quality service and people-focused approach. We prioritise direct human interaction, recognising the importance of anonymous reporting and personal engagement in sensitive situations. This approach sets us apart from alternatives that rely less on direct human contact.

Experienced Call handlers and Personal Engagement

  • Highly Skilled Team: Staffed exclusively by experienced former police officers, and our hotline call handlers are all trained to handle complex situations with empathy and professionalism.
  • Direct Human Interaction: We focus on direct engagement, ensuring that every caller is heard and understood. This human touch is integral to our effectiveness and the quality of information gathered.

Impactful Statistics on Report Quality

  • Higher Rate of Named Reports: Our hotline sees a significantly higher rate of named reports compared to web reports. Specifically, 55% of all whistleblowing telephone reports are named, versus only 30% of web reports. This distinction highlights the effectiveness of our direct, human-centered approach.
  • Enhanced Corroboration: Reports received through our hotline have an 11% higher chance of being corroborated than anonymous reports. This statistic underscores the trust and rapport we build with callers, leading to more detailed and verifiable information.

Global Reach and Comprehensive Support

  • Wide Accessibility: Available 24/7, 365 days a year in over 175 languages and across 100+ countries.
  • Diverse Incident Handling: Capable of managing a range of concerns including fraud, racism, sexism, bullying, and discrimination.

Commitment to Accuracy and Effective Resolution

  • Our handlers are trained to record situations calmly and accurately, ensuring precise documentation. The quality of our reports gives your organization the best chance for effective triage, investigation, and resolution.

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Our experience with Safecall has been excellent. The call handlers foster real discussions and ensure confidentiality, which encourages employees to provide full insight and information. The reports we receive, especially from telephone reports, are actionable and of high quality. We appreciate the stability of the Safecall team and the sense of familiarity we have with them.

Dr Markus Kuerten
Vice President Compliance & Privacy

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