Our whistleblowing training, HR investigation training and workplace training courses help increase confidence in your company’s whistleblowing and investigation processes.

We know how important it is for organisations to identify wrongdoing. We also recognise that not all employees have enough training to effectively report, or manage, reports of misconduct in the workplace.

Our range of training courses and support materials will remove these barriers, helping to create a more open, transparent, and supportive culture.

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We offer training suitable for your employees, managers, and investigators

  • We can build training packages to suit the needs of your organisation
  • We offer guidance and training support for individuals of all experience levels: from those encountering whistleblowing principles for the first time, to those wishing to refresh or fine tune their knowledge.


We offer whistleblowing, investigation and interviewer training

  • Our Whistleblowing Training gives your employees and managers the necessary insights to understand the whistleblowing process, including: whistleblowing legal requirements and best practice.
  • Our Investigations Training helps ensure your investigative process is run as effectively, and securely, as possible.
  • Our Interviewer Training helps individuals by giving them the confidence to conduct a thorough, professional, and fair interview.


Our courses range from elearning to dedicated in-person sessions

  • Our whistleblowing elearning modules are available for your employees to complete at their own pace.
  • We are able to cater for dedicated, in-person training sessions for your organisation.
  • We also conduct online training sessions via video call for modules including our Investigations Training service..

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are these Interviewer training courses for?

    Any person with responsibility to manage workplace, HR or whistleblowing interviews into potential wrongdoing or HR incidents.

  • Why choose Safecall for the interviewer training course?

    • Highly skilled, experienced work place interviewers
    • Safecall have been providing interviewer training since 2017 and independent whistleblowing systems since 1999
    • CIPD accredited (CIPD reference number available when booking)
  • Can we make the interviewer training course bespoke to our organisation?

    Yes, we can organise bespoke training. Please contact Safecall so that we can understand what is required and how it might be delivered.

  • Who will be training you in interviewing techniques?

    • Our Interviewer trainers have more than twenty-five years’ experience within the UK Police Force
    • All trainers have PGCE qualifications
  • Is the investigations training course recognised as CPD?

    Yes, the Investigator Training Course is accredited and counts toward your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

  • Who will be training you in investigations?

    • Our Investigative Trainers have more than twenty-five years’ experience within the UK Police Force
    • All trainers have PGCE qualifications

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