Whistleblowing Solutions

Our whistleblowing solutions include whistleblowing hotlines, online reporting, and whistleblowing software that safeguards your organisation, your employees, and your reputation, wherever you are in the world.

We offer best-in-class anonymous whistleblowing hotlines, digital reporting channels, and whistleblower report management software, all supported by former UK police officer call handlers, each with more than 25 years’ experience, who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our whistleblower service meets all regulatory compliance obligations, including:

  • EU Whistleblowing Directive & Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act (“ECCTA”)
  • The German Whistleblower Protection Act (Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz – HinSchG)
  • Sarbanes-OxleyAct (SOX)
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • UK Bribery Act, and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The whistleblowing solutions we offer ensure your employees, contractors, and supply chain can report workplace issues in a way, and at a time, that best suits them.

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We prefer reports that are made via telephone as, thanks to Safecall’s experienced call handlers, they provide more detail and chance to feedback to the caller. Safecall’s focus on professional call handlers with investigative experience who do not use a script and really engage with callers, thereby maximising the insight gained for each report, was a huge selling point for us.

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Why outsource your whistleblowing system and process?

An external whistleblowing hotline service, online reporting option, and whistleblowing software helps you solve a whole range of potential issues:

Keep compliant with whistleblowing legislation

In most countries, having a whistle blowing process and report management software in place is necessary to comply with corporate governance, best practice, risk and compliance, and – not least – the law. View our global legislation summaries.

Protect your organisation’s reputation

An outsourced whistleblowing reporting service acts as an early warning system for your organisation. It helps prevent misconduct or outright wrongdoing and gives you the opportunity to safeguard your reputation.

Promote employee trust

Having an outsourced whistleblower service encourages trust in your organisation. 80% of employees fear retaliation – being seen to have an independent anonymous whistleblowing reporting system helps calm those fears and provides good evidence of whistleblower protection.

Give employees true choice

Having both an internal system, plus an external whistleblower hotline and online reporting channel, provides employees with choice. Some 37% of employees worldwide have no access to the internet via a computer, tablet or a mobile phone. Some employees might also lack literacy or simply prefer speaking directly with a real person.

Minimise risk

Our hotlines provide a channel for reporting ethical violations, helping to address issues before they escalate. Without such a system, unethical behaviour might go unchecked.

Demonstrate good governance

Implementing an external whistleblowing management system as part of an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) plan is a quick and easy way to show good governance to both stakeholders and employees.

Create a positive working culture

Setting up a robust employee speak-up service can also have tangible positive effects. A happy employee is a more productive employee, and one less likely to leave.

Ethical company culture

An employee hotline or whistleblowing solution is a crucial part of a company’s ethical operation. It encourages transparency and integrity, contributing to a robust company culture.

“Safecall’s offerings ensure we comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive for our companies that lie within EU jurisdiction. After successfully implementing Safecall for one of our subsidiaries, we decided to roll out the offer of the service within EMEA.”

Sumitomo Rubber Industries

Why choose Safecall?

Experienced call handlers

Each of our whistleblowing call handlers has at least 25 years of experience processing sensitive concerns. Combined, they have over 800 years investigative expertise, and are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards are upheld – operating with impartiality, expertise, and empathy.


We operate our whistleblower hotlines using a live translation system. We communicate, and handle whistleblowing reports in 175+ languages and dialects across more than 150 countries.

Reporting channels

We offer best-in-class whistle blower hotline and digital reporting channels. This allows reporters to raise whistleblowing concerns via the channel most suitable for their needs, and they can do so from anywhere in the world. We strive to ensure our services are as accessible as possible.


Our Account Management Team work with your organisation to ensure your onboarding is as quick and easy as possible. We discuss all dates, timescales and key milestones in advance. Our client portal allows you to import and configure all current data to continue a seamless service. Comprehensive training for report recipients and investigators is included.


Our whistleblowing software platform is provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis and benefits from industry leading cyber security arrangements.

It is easy to use, mobile and tablet responsive and offers full data security to encourage reporter anonymity.

Case studies & Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it… see for yourself.

Take a look through some of our client case studies and testimonials.

At the time of our last benchmark report (2023, released in Q1 2024), we had a 95% retention rate.

We must be doing something right.

How our whistleblowing service works in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Receive report

The whistleblower decides to report an issue to Safecall. They can do this by getting in touch with our team by phone or by submitting a report online. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year, in 175+ languages and dialects, anywhere in the world.

Step 2

Assure quality

Every whistleblower report that leaves Safecall is quality assured by one of our highly experienced operations managers, before being forwarded to the client.

Step 3


Following receipt of the whistleblower report, the client can use our secure two-way communication channel to provide feedback and maintain contact with the whistleblower. This can be done even when the reporter has chosen to remain anonymous.

Our Software Security Assurance

Key Features

  • All our whistleblowing software datacentres have a range of active security measures to protect your data, including blocks on unauthorised traffic to and within centres and DDoS attack prevention
  • Connections established with data centres are encrypted, with public endpoints secured using industry standard Transport Layer Security Version 2 (TLSv2)
  • Combined hierarchical role-based security using clearly defined privacy controls limit access on a case by case basis

We comply with

  • GDPR
  • Our datacentres are compliant with the highest security standards;
  • ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC1, SOC2 & UK G-Cloud
  • Data Protection best practice measures utilised, including Symmetric AES256 encryption in transit and at rest
  • Secured using two-factor authentication for clients with regular independent penetration testing to validate security controls and processes
  • Working toward ISO27001

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you audio record calls?

    We do not audio record any calls. If calls were recorded they would have to be retained and made available to appropriate parties if a call resulted in civil or criminal proceedings. The audio recording could lead to a caller, who has requested anonymity, having their voice identified and therefore the company’s ability to guarantee anonymity to their employees could not be guaranteed.

  • Do you give advice to callers?

    Other than on how to report a concern or protect their identity, we do not give advice or direct them to any regulator. We believe a conflict of interests can occur once advice is given as it can give the impression that a provider is taking sides. Our role is that of a conduit to make it easy for employees and contractors  to report concerns to senior management within an organisation.

  • Can you trust anonymous information?

    We explain to all callers that anonymous information may be viewed with suspicion and suggest they provide some form of corroboration for any allegations they may be making.  Anonymous information can very often be a useful pointer and once the issue is highlighted it may be quickly resolved.

  • What about malicious calls?

    Safecall receive very few, if any, malicious calls. This is largely attributed to the method of interviewing callers on the telephone where the nature of the questions tends to bring such calls to a premature conclusion.

  • Do you re-engage with callers?

    We often re-engage with callers, if instructed to do so by our client. This re-engagement also works for anonymous callers, where we will arrange for them to call back at a given time in order that we can inform them of any updates or feedback from our client. It also allows us to pose questions the client may wish to ask.

  • Why use experienced investigators as Call Handlers?

    We use experienced investigators instead of sales or call centre employees for the following reasons:

    • At Safecall, we believe that Call Handlers need to have investigative skills and knowledge on the best way for a client to address an issue.
    • All Safecall Call Handlers have professional investigative experience, which means they are skilled at talking to people who may be stressed or reluctant to provide full details. Their role is to deliver a comprehensive and meaningful report whilst ensuring that the caller feels the information they have given will be fully appreciated by their company.
    • The Private Security Industry Act 2001, states very clearly that persons involved in obtaining information about others or their activities need to be licensed. The competency specification to obtain a licence includes the skills and knowledge to conduct investigations and interviews, search for information and preserve evidence. It also states that one must understand and work to relevant laws and standards. Each of our Call Handlers has over 25 years’ experience in these competencies.
    • Safecall’s Call Handlers possess lifelong experience when keeping their professional and personal lives separate. Respecting our client’s confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and our Call Handler’s professionalism reflects this.

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