Safecall Partnership Programme

We build every experience with trust, empathy, and integrity; giving businesses we work with peace of mind that we will observe and support their company culture.

The Safecall Partnership Programme has been built to empower your clients and provide the best-in-class whistleblowing solution and services.

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Our partners

Market Leading Sales Engagement

We offer an extensive portfolio of collaborative and co-branded marketing material. This allows for a streamlined go-to-market strategy and execution process.

We have created this to enable a successful collaborative partnership and to ensure the level of knowledge of our partners is of the highest level.

Training and Support

Training and support within the channel is our focus. We ensure all partners enrolled in our programme have the right resources and support to position Safecall in the correct way.

All service lines we offer come with an extensive training delivery programme that can be integrated into your organisation.

You will be given a dedicated account manager who will be able to support you during working business hours.

Extensive portfolio of products

As a whistleblowing solutions provider, our offer goes beyond our hotline: amongst other products, we also provide industry-leading training, investigation support and case management software.

How to become a Safecall Partner?

The Safecall Partnership Programme has a streamlined onboarding process that has been created to ensure both speed and accuracy.

Once you fill in the form below, one of our dedicated partner account managers will be in contact with you to start the onboarding process and get our partnership live.

Our Partnership Models

Referral Partners

Our referral partners send qualified opportunities to the Safecall team who then engage and transact with the client directly. This model allows for those with deep industry knowledge and market reach to earn a referral fee based on the completion of a transacting client.

Technology Integration Partners

Through technology, your organisation is able to connect Safecall through various tech solutions and APIs, enabling an all-encompassing solution for your end client.  This allows for the creation of a wider offering and a centralised platform for you and your end client.

Professionals and Consultancies

Professionals are often leading the way with their clients’ policies and solutions, and ensuring that best practice is followed. Partnering with Safecall allows there to be a third-party option for all whistleblowing requirements, whilst remaining compliant and regulated.

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