Organisations of all sizes

We work with organisations of all sizes, in all industry sectors across the globe

It is our ability to understand the unique culture and communication methods in each organisation that leads to the successful implementation of our whistleblowing service.

Looking to Implement Whistleblowing Hotline?

Safecall can work with your organisation to implement a whistleblowing hotline that is impartial and fair to both employees and employers.

What makes a successful implementation?

Safecall has been partnering with clients for two decades, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what differentiates a successful implementation from a service that will never be used.


A strong and clear message delivered to employees and stakeholders by a senior individual who champions the overall programme.


A clear understanding of how best to engage with your employees at all levels, and in all countries — including trade unions and works councils — taking into account country and cultural differences.


A robust internal process to deal with reported issues as laid out in your code of conduct policy or ethics programme.

“A Speak Up service and the promotion of its existence is a critical component of any organisation's on-going program to raise the levels of openness and transparency”

Frazer Gunn - Head of Client Management

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