Our Whistleblowing Software

In line with Whistleblowing System Best Practices

Our whistleblowing software is designed in line with best practice in Whistleblowing Management Systems, User Experience and Information Security.

Provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), it is easy to use and mobile and tablet responsive. Implementation is quick with no need for complex integrations, apps, or installs.

Web Reporting

Our software supports secure submission of whistleblowing reports online.

There are no passwords or pin numbers needed to make a report, all the Whistleblower needs is the name of your organisation.

Whistleblowers are able to:

  • Report concerns in their own words
  • Report securely and confidentially at any time
  • Report in over 60 different languages
  • Communicate with you directly using a unique account created for them when they make a report

Report Delivery

Included in any whistleblowing hotline package
your reports are delivered to you
via our secure software platform.

  • You will receive a notification when you receive a new report
  • You can log in, acknowledge and access the case quickly and easily
  • You can provide updates or ask questions of the Whistleblower (even when they are anonymous)
  • Manage Report Recipients
  • Generate your own metric charts using our pre-defined measures

Case Management

Adding our Case Management software
will allow you to:

  • Add cases received via other channels (e.g. face to face or email)
  • Triage and Risk Assess Reports
  • Manage and Assign Investigators
  • Create your own report classifications
  • Assign reports to areas of your business
  • Tract awareness of your whistleblowing function

Key Features
  • Our Datacentres have a range of active security measures to protect your data,
    including blocks on unauthorised traffic to and within centres and DDoS attack
  • Connections established with data centres are encrypted, with public
    endpoints secured using industry standard Transport Layer Security Version 2
  • Combined hierarchical role-based security using clearly defined privacy
    controls limit access on a case by case basis
We Comply With
  • GDPR compliant
  • Our datacentres are compliant with the highest security standards;
  • ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC1, SOC2 & UK G-Cloud
  • Data Protection best practice measures utilised, including Symmetric
    AES256 encryption in transit and at rest
  • Secured using two-factor authentication for clients with regular independent
    penetration testing to validate security controls and processes

Our platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure UK Datacentres.

The platform is compliant with data protection and privacy laws applicable to cloud services.
Our compliance with world class industry standards is verified by a specialist independent third party.

Download the Safecall Overview Document