Making things better is what we're all about at Safecall. It's just over a year since we released our new reporting platform, and we've spent most of that time focusing our efforts on what goes on 'behind the scenes', although we have managed to make some improvements that hopefully you will have seen.

Now, we're changing focus. Over the coming months we will be building and releasing updates to our Case Management system. Each time we update I'll provide a quick note explaining what we've done.

Our goal is to modify our system, incrementally over time, so that before you know it you will be able to manage every aspect of your whistleblowing management function quickly, easily and in-line with best practice within our platform.

Today we've expanded your ability assess cases, including the ability to record the level of various risks associated with a report. These could be risks to the reporter themselves, to your organisation, or the likelihood of further wrongdoing taking place.

What is and isn't a whistleblowing report is a topic of much debate, and the scope of any whistleblowing function is flexible, and up to your organisation to define. To reflect this fluidity, we've added an ability to close a report with "no further action" being taken by your whistleblowing management function. This is in addition to the existing substantiation-based conclusions.

You can find all these in the 'Triage' section on a report.

These updates are included (read: free) to clients on our Advanced tier, they will magically appear, and do not require any downtime. If you're interested in Case Management, but are an SME or Essential customer (or you aren't sure), please contact your Client Manager to discuss.

We love feedback, and I read everything which comes in to If you have any thoughts, please do reach out.