Whistleblowing Investigation Online Training

Safecall Online Investigation and Interview Training

Investigation Training Course

Who is the course for 

The workshop is essential for managers and practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills enabling them to scope, plan and conduct professional investigations.

Learning objectives

 By the end of the course the candidates will be able to: 

  • Identify the key legislation relating to the management of whistle-blowers
  • Assess the nature, impact and scope of an investigation
  • Identify the responsibilities of an investigator
  • Describe the principles of robust and meaningful terms of reference
  • Organise and conduct an ethical and effective investigation
  • Demonstrate investigative planning, rationale and auditable decision making
  • Structure and prepare an investigation report

Interview Training Course

Who is the course for 

Interview evidence can often not be heard if it is ruled inadmissible due to poor or oppressive practice. Give your staff the confidence to conduct a thorough, professional and fair interview which can withstand the rigours of later challenge. Do you know how to get the best from your witnesses and assist their recall of difficult or historic events? Sign up for the course and let our trainers show you how.

Learning objectives

The objectives are that by the end of the course delegates will be better able to: 

  • Explain the background to investigative interviewing
  • Outline the principles of investigative interviewing
  • Explain the PEACE framework
  • Plan an interview and engage the interviewee
  • Utilise different questioning techniques
  • Understand compliant and non -compliant interview techniques

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How we deliver our training

Safecall have been successfully delivering investigation and interview training courses for several years to both public and private clients.

The suspension of all face-to-face educational courses in March 2020 has presented the opportunity to create a digital classroom-based investigation workshop.

The course duration is 2½ hours, delegates will be able to see, talk to and message the trainer live. Also, all the content from face-to-face courses can be viewed live online through the secure video link.

Class sizes will be small to facilitate interaction between the trainer and delegates.

The Safecall Handbook and associated literature will be available online for all delegates.

Using Microsoft Teams to host the course delegates will confirm their identity to the trainer within a virtual waiting room, and then enter the online classroom for the duration of the course.

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Technical Requirements

The technology required to participate is straightforward; a computer, tablet or smartphone, together with a webcam/in-built camera and good-quality access to the internet. ( 2mb minimum )