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Safecall are experienced specialist providers of external whistleblowing services.

We help protect both your business reputation and your employee safety by implementing and maintaining a professional whistleblowing 'speak up' channel that helps surface wrongdoing.

We can help you:

  • Give a voice to your employees, contractors, suppliers and supply chain and other stakeholders
  • Create or enhance a culture of openness and transparency
  • Demonstrate that malpractice is taken seriously and dealt with at the highest level
  • Demonstrate best practice and good governance to all
  • Give you confidence that you know what’s happening in your business

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The Safecall Difference

Safecall work hard to make reporting as straightforward as possible. Raising concerns about workplace misconduct takes courage. Often the reporting person will be upset, anxious, or frustrated and will have concerns about suffering retaliation. Safecall work hard to make reporting serious misconduct as straightforward as possible to encourage reporting.

Language Support

Both our telephone and web reporting channels support a wide range of languages allowing the reporting person to explain their concerns in the language they are most comfortable with.


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Reporting Channels

If someone becomes aware of potential wrongdoing associated with your organisation they can choose to report their concern through Safecall’s telephone or web reporting channels.

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Whistleblowing Reporting Channels

Telephone Reporting

Our telephone reporting channel is staffed exclusively by experienced investigators. Our report handlers are skilled at speaking with people, from all walks of life, often in difficult and emotional circumstances; giving people the time and space to relay important information in their own words.

The quality of information that we are able to provide gives your organisation the best possible chance of an effective triage, investigation and outcome.


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Web Reporting

Located at https://www.safecall.co.uk/report our online reporting process helps people raise concerns securely at any time of day and in their preferred language.

You are able to establish an open line of communication with the reporting person, regardless of the channel they use and even if they are anonymous, through our software.

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Quality of Information

All concerns raised via Safecall are handled by professional investigators with significant experience in evidence gathering. As a result the information you receive from Safecall is typically of high quality, follows a logical order and includes information to help you to assess, investigate and conclude each case more efficiently and effectively. 


When your stakeholders contact Safecall to raise a concern there is no script or mandatory questions. In order to obtain a full account of their concerns we simply ask the reporting person to explain their concerns in their own words and at their own pace. We take detailed notes and ask follow-up questions to ensure that all relevant details are included and clear. We work hard to put the reporting person at ease and ensure that they understand the process.

Best Practice

Safecall are specialist whistleblowing service providers. We have worked with our global client base for over 20 years to develop and share best practice in misconduct reporting. As a result we have designed our service to:

  • Reporting of serious misconduct
  • Chances of reaching the right outcome
  • Malicious reporting
  • The time taken to resolve a case

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