Whistleblowing Investigation Support

It might be beneficial to bring in a trusted third party to help you with a whistleblowing investigation for many reasons. Safecall can help you.

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Let Safecall be your trusted third party to help you with investigations.

We Investigate

Given our background, Safecall is uniquely placed to help our clients when they are faced with a situation that can‘t be handled in house and requires an investigation.

  • Independent
  • Transparent
  • Professional, experienced investigators
  • In-house Safecall single point of contact
  • Terms of reference / investigative parameters agreed in advance


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"We help clients navigate through the challenges they face when dealing with internal investigations in an open, transparent and efficient manner"

Tim Smith - Head of Operations

Information about our Investigations

Who will carry out the investigation?

Our investigators are all ex police officers (often senior investigating officer level) with significant operational experience. Depending on the requirements we would allocate individuals with the appropriate skill set to match the specific nature of the work.

How is the investigation managed

Terms of reference and investigative parameters are agreed with the client at the outset. Any investigation is overseen by the Head of Operations at Safecall.

What types of investigation do you conduct?

We are able to conduct investigations covering a wide gamut including;

Health & Safety, Safeguarding, HR, Fraud, Environmental, Criminal

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