Checklist for Promoting a Feedback or Whistleblowing Service to Employees

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When promoting a whistleblowing hotline to your employees, remember:

  1. You are aiming to instill confidence in the system in place
  2. You are educating your workforce about the security of your processes, and the benefits of whistleblowing as a whole.

Our latest research shows that 10.4% of HR respondents believe their colleagues may fear reprisal when reporting wrongdoing. Outsourcing your reporting process helps minimise this fear. Educating colleagues and promoting  this service ensures that your employees feel as comfortable as possible when making a report, which benefits for your company as a whole.

But…how can you promote your whistleblowing process to your employees?

We have compiled a checklist of the most effective methods:

Use Printed Promotional Materials

When you sign up for our whistleblowing hotline service, you can choose to receive a range of promotional materials ready to be printed and distributed or displayed in you place of work. The vibrant designs are tailored to your business and help raise awareness of your commitment to providing a secure avenue for disclosures.

Direct Contact from Senior Management

Safecall are able to provide a ‘Launch Letter’ which can be sent from your Senior Management to all employees. Not only does this help raise awareness, but demonstrates the efforts of your Senior Management team to foster an ethical workplace culture.

Provide Training

Whistleblowing is a process with which most of your employees will not be familiar. Who should they contact? What does the process entail? What sort of issues are appropriate to raise via reporting channels? OurToolbox training courses are designed to answer all such questions and increase confidence in your new, secure system. E-Learning for your employees is also readily available.

Online Content

We are able to build a bespoke landing page to provide further insights into your working relationship with Safecall. Your fully branded landing page can include testimonials from your senior management team and reassure your employees of the rigour of Safecall’s processes.

Social Media

Use your social channels to make your employees aware of your working relationship with Safecall. This could also help attract impressive personnel in the future – ethical workplace cultures are becoming increasingly important to workers. We are also able to post a ‘Client Spotlight’ on our own channels, promoting your brand and your commitment to protecting your employees.

Ongoing Communication

Communication should not stop once the implementation process is finished! Your employees should always be aware of the measures you have put in place to protect them. Keep communicating and see the benefits.

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