New Whistleblowing Portal Update for Customers

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At the beginning of 2022 SafeCall made a pledge to heavily invest in the development of our whistleblowing platform, promising to offer our customers a market leading, reporting and case management application to complement our best-in-class telephony service.

We want to increase the value of our platform to our customers by making it as simple as possible to review, investigate and manage cases raised by whistleblowers, allowing them to come to amicable resolutions as quickly as possible.

The first phase of these developments is now nearing completion and we’re in the final throws of user acceptance testing, so we’re going to start migrating our customers across onto the new platform over the coming weeks and months.

A fresh look and feel

Our approach has been one of building upon and improving our existing proposition. We’ve achieved this through the development of a new front-end without completely reinventing the wheel.

Both customers and whistleblowers alike will see a fresh all-new look and feel, alongside a huge improvement in user experience.

During this initial release we’ve kept the level of functionality on a par with our existing platform. This has allowed us to focus on delivering some marked improvements to certain features and areas of functionality, ensuring customer get the best out of the platform.

Delivering phase one in this way enables us to migrate our user base over to the new platform with minimal disruption.

It also allows our customers to familiarise themselves with the new look and feel before we begin rolling out new features in subsequent phased releases.

We’ve continued to build upon our partnership with Microsoft Azure, and now offer best-in-class identity and access management including the latest in two-factor authentication via email.

We’ll be building upon this and soon be able to offer our clients two-factor authentication via MMS and single-sign-on (SSO) as well.

Advanced clients will see improvements to the case management functionality.

There will be an all-new user interface for messaging, and this will include two separate messaging features.

The first will be for privately communicating with colleagues and the second for sending messages to the whistleblower. We’ve adopted an overall modern look and feel to the user interface so that most users will already be accustomed to how to use this.

There’s also now a separate documents area where our advanced clients can upload and attach files to cases.

Again, this is split into two sections enabling our users to upload privately or to upload files that can be shared with the whistleblower for review.

In addition, an all-new reporting area gives our advanced clients the ability to view a selection of reports by timeframe and export their data for further analysis.

We will be investing in this section over the next phases of development, with a view to making reports as customisable as possible and allowing users to drill down to extract some real actionable insights.

Customers will also be pleased to learn we’re now providing more control to set up and manage users within their organisation, alongside the ability to further configure their account. This will include being able to manage custom case classifications, departments, and awareness sources.

Each of these features will be available on every case, allowing customers to tailor the system to their organisational needs.

Alongside all of the exciting developments we’re making on our customer whistleblowing platform we’ve also been busy building out an all-new experience for the whistleblower.

Whistleblowers are now able to create a case using the same new front-end style customers experience and be able to login and track their cases, communicating with managers via the new messaging and document management features.

Lastly, the whistleblower experience is now fully optimised for use on mobile devices and as before is still available in more than 68 languages, ensuring that we’re capturing the case information as effectively as possible.

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