Whistleblower elearning for all staff - training course

Overview of the course

Our 'whistleblowing training for all staff' course is a basic elearning course designed to educate staff on the whistleblowing and speak up processes, and to build confidence that the whistleblower hotline process  works and can be trusted.

Whistleblowing basics for all-staff provides employees and supply chain staff at all levels with a better understanding of the importance of whistleblowing, the reporting procedures, and the responsibility that firms have towards members of staff who speak up.


This course will prepare your employees and supply chain staff to:

  • Understand what whistleblowing is
  • Know when and how to report workplace misconduct
  • Explain how whistleblowers are protected

Course Content

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • What is Whistleblowing?
  • What is Improper Conduct?
  • What is not Improper Conduct?
  • You Make the Call: Whistleblow or Not?
  • Whistleblowing Works!
  • How to Blow the Whistle
  • Reporting Internally
  • Reporting through an external whistleblowing channel


  • E-learning online at the users own pace
  • Approximately 15-minutes long
  • Followed by a 10-question assessment

Next steps

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Frequently asked questions

The costs vary based on numbers of employees that might access the course and the level of services that the organisation has with Safecall. Please call for more information or complete get in touch via a form.

Yes. Our whistleblowing eLearning courses are fully compliant with SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model), which means that either course can be hosted on your Learning Management System with ease. 

We also offer more Investigation Management Courses in a more traditional, classroom-based setting, to give your staff the skills needed to conduct their own inquiries when concerns are raised.

Yes it does. All the whistleblower training includes both actual and example situations, with the aim of providing the learner with enough knowledge to recognise unethical workplace activities and how to report them.

Yes they can. Our whistleblowing elearning courses are all available in the cloud, so can be accessed wherever your staff or supply chain workers are.

To complete this course, you are required to pass an assessment. The pass mark is 80%, but it's easy to do and the learner can take the assessment as many times as needed until they have passed.

The assessment consists of multiple-choice questions. For each question, the learner selects their answer and then submits it. Once they select submit, they move to the next question and will not be able to go back and change their answer.

If they exit or close the window before completing the assessment, when the learner returns to the course, they will be able to resume the assessment from where they left off.

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  • Any bespoke elements of the training

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