The most important element of any whistleblowing service is the conversation that takes place between your employee and our Call Handler.

If, and only if, this is carried out properly, will you receive a high quality, detailed report enabling you to immediately address the issue raised.

Our driving principle is to ensure we obtain the best quality reports from employees.

Safecall differs from other providers as we are not a call centre dealing with high volume calls and providing a pro forma style report.  All Call Handlers have a minimum of 25 years investigative experience and are therefore compliant with The Private Security Industry Act requirements for interviewing callers. 


Each report is unique as we allow your employees to convey their concerns in their own words.  We securely retain reports and notes of calls, in compliance with current legislation, thereby enabling you to avoid future criticism if you are required to support any action you have taken as a result of a report.


Any organisation that is considering introducing an external provider has to ask, "Can I trust my sensitive information to a third party?" 


If you allow anyone outside your business access to sensitive company information you must have complete faith in them and their infrastructure.  Clients choose Safecall because of our background and the fact that all our staff are security cleared by Government departments on a regular basis.


Safecall - We do it properly.