Cyber Security – Safecall Receives Re-Certification for Cyber Essentials Plus

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Safecall has once again achieved the prestigious Cyber Essentials Plus certification, marking our third consecutive year of holding this esteemed recognition. This certification underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cybersecurity to safeguard our operations and, most importantly, our clients.

The Importance of Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials is a pioneering, Government-backed cyber security initiative aimed at fortifying organisations against a diverse array of prevalent cyber threats. At its core, Cyber Essentials concentrates on the fundamental aspects of cybersecurity, furnishing a comprehensive set of technical controls imperative for bolstering defences against common cyber-attacks.

The certification program comprises two distinct levels:

  1. Cyber Essentials – This level involves a self-assessment mechanism, empowering organisations to fortify their defences against prevalent cyber threats. Achieving this certification signifies the implementation of essential security measures.
  2. Cyber Essentials Plus – Building upon the foundational certification, Cyber Essentials Plus entails a meticulous hands-on technical validation process. This advanced level ensures the effective implementation and operation of the prescribed controls.
The Impact

At Safecall, we are immensely proud of our re-certification for Cyber Essentials Plus as it demonstrates our unwavering dedication to fortifying our IT infrastructure against cyber-attacks and safeguarding the sensitive data of our clients. This certification plays a pivotal role in nurturing trust, a cornerstone of our enduring client relationships.

Numerous organisations rate Cyber Essentials Plus as superior to ISO 27001, highlighting its robustness and effectiveness in fortifying defences against cyber threats. Moreover, the independent assessment process inherent in Cyber Essentials Plus certification adds a layer of credibility and trust, validating the efficacy of implemented security controls.

As a leading provider of whistleblowing hotlines and solutions, we prioritise the protection of our clients’ digital assets, ensuring they feel empowered and secure in choosing to partner with us.

Re-attaining Cyber Essentials Plus provides our clients and prospective clients with a transparent portrayal of our cyber security posture, positioning Safecall as a dependable ally for organisations navigating stringent cybersecurity requirements, such as those operating within government sectors.

We stand committed to safeguarding our operations and, most importantly, our clients’ sensitive data against evolving cyber threats.

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