Busy Bees

A whistleblowing case study

A whistleblowing case study from Busy Bees – an organisation running 390+ exceptional nurseries spread right across the UK and Ireland – and more overseas.

We spoke to Ceri Williams-Jones, Group General Counsel

“We’re really happy with the service Safecall provides.

The implementation of the service worldwide has been great and working with our account manager Greg Ogle, who has been very supportive throughout.

From our side we view the service as an important tool to protect the wellbeing of the children in our care and our staff. We expect everyone in our business to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity as well as all employees to respect our values. The service enables us to encourage and support our staff to speak up if they have any concerns. In addition, the reports received enables us to deal with issues raised, leading to the right outcome for all parties involved.”