1.  Service Terms

1.1 The “Investigation Support Service” shall be support provided by Safecall’s personnel for the scope or terms of reference specified in the Order Form or attached to it.

1.2 The Customer shall provide Safecall with its express documented instructions detailing the activities that it instructs Safecall to carry out for the proper performance of the Investigation Support Service.

1.3 The Customer acknowledges that certain investigation activities can be intrusive, and represents and warrants that:

(a) it has taken all necessary steps to enable its instructions to be carried out in accordance with Law;

(b) its instructions shall be legal and proportionate to the nature of the investigation; and

(c) following the Customer’s instructions shall not cause Safecall to breach any Law.

1.4 The Customer shall provide all requested assistance to Safecall in connection with (including upon request defending Safecall from) any claim, allegation, action, or proceedings arising in connection with Safecall’s performance of the Investigation Support Services in accordance with the Customer’s written instructions, and indemnifies Safecall against any losses, damages, and expenses suffered or incurred by Safecall in connection with the same.

2.  Service Period

2.1 The Investigation Support Service shall commence on the Service Commencement Date, and continue until the investigation is concluded.

3.  Invoicing

3.1 The Charges for Investigation Support Services shall be invoiced monthly in arrears (or at such other frequency specified in the Order Form), on the basis of resources used at the rates specified in the Order Form.