“For two decades we have continuously strived for improvements in farming and production standards. By working with experts in their fields, we have become the UK’s largest assured food and farming standards scheme and are the only programme to cover the length of the supply chain for pigs, poultry, beef, lamb, dairy, fresh produce and crops.

“The standards that we set have had a fundamental role in rebuilding consumer trust and leading the transformation of British Farming.

“We expect every member, to meet every standard, every day.”

Jim Moseley- CEO, Red Tractor Assurance


Red Tractor employs independent companies to undertake inspections. These companies are outside of industry influence and are impartial. Teams of assessors perform more than 60,000 checks every year across the supply chain to safeguard how animals are tended to, how fresh produce is grown and how our standards are being followed from farm to pack for food and drinks that carry our logo in stores and restaurants.


There are a small number of occasions when something goes wrong and Red Tractor needs to know about it, so they can ensure things are put right. If you encounter any issues around compliance to Red Tractor standards or the law, the most effective way to raise a concern is with a member of the Red Tractor Team directly.

However, if you want to raise your concern anonymously, please do so. In order for any issue to be effectively investigated, the minimum amount of information required is:

Name of farm/business, town/ location of the farm, the type of farm- whether it is poultry, dairy, livestock (beef and lamb), pigs, crops or fresh produce, the date of the incident and the specific claims.

Please note that only non-compliance issues relating to Red Tractor Standards and membership will be investigated by the Red Tractor Team.

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