External Speak Up arrangements are an element of good governance, as they can act as an essential early warning system for potential risk


The freedom to raise concerns is an essential element of an ethical corporate culture


Organisations who take ethics seriously are always looking at different ways to remove the barriers to speaking up

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What We Offer

We only use exceptionally skilled and professional call handlers to take reports. We pride ourselves on treating every caller as a unique individual, subsequently tailoring our response and report to them.

  • UK based operation with a global reach
  • Safe and secure methods of reporting, including telephone, web, email and text
  • 24/7 - 365 days Freephone access
  • Multi-lingual support (170+ languages)
  • Highly skilled Call Handlers, each with 25 years' experience in their field
  • All employees extensively vetted
  • Robust commercial ICT security
  • Encrypted communications
  • Dedicated client services manager pre and post implementation
  • Implementation guidance and assistance
  • Bespoke employee communications support
  • Online employee surveys
  • Benchmarking and management information
  • Data protection guidance
  • Manage reports and investigations
  • Evidence audit trails of investigations
  • Access reports received outside of Safecall
  • Conduct in depth analysis of all reports
  • Trend analysis view

"Employees are more likely to blow the whistle when they hear a strong tone from the top, when they believe the company will respond to their concerns and when there is an external hotline in place"

Graham Long - CEO and Co-Founder

Why Safecall?

Experienced Call Handlers

All Safecall call handlers surpass the highest professional standards in the industry. They are all bound by a strict code of ethics and confidentiality that is applied with rigour and is underpinned by security vetting ensuring professionalism, neutrality, security and confidentiality.


Our smart telecoms platform means your employees can speak to us in their own language 24/7, all year round. Even if you have multiple language requirements in one location, we’ll create the unique system you need for your workforce.

Reporting Methods

There are three main methods of making a report to Safecall; phone, email and web. As standard we offer a smart telecoms platform that allows callers to communicate with Safecall in their own language as well as providing online reporting in 49 languages.


We work with organisations of all sizes, across various industry sectors globally. It is our ability to understand the unique culture and communication methods in each organisation that leads to the successful implementation of our whistleblowing service.

We've helped our clients provide a confidential service for their employees.

  • Stewart Hughes

    "The message that it is good to speak up has to come from within the organisation. Having Safecall as our external provider shows our employees that we mean what we say and are committed to supporting people who report wrongdoing, even where their concern turns out to be unfounded."

    Stewart Hughes , Head of Group Security and Investigations

A well run external Speak Up arrangement increases trust in an organisations internal processes and procedures

Providing people with both internal and external methods of getting their message to you is important; however, how you handle what they tell you is key to the on-going success of your Speak Up programme and business overall

Frequently asked questions

We use experienced investigators instead of sales or call centre employees for the following reasons:

  • At Safecall, we believe that Call Handlers need to have investigative skills and knowledge on the best way for a client to address an issue.
  • All Safecall Call Handlers have professional investigative experience, which means they are skilled at talking to people who may be stressed or reluctant to provide full details. Their role is to deliver a comprehensive and meaningful report whilst ensuring that the caller feels the information they have given will be fully appreciated by their company.
  • The Private Security Industry Act 2001, states very clearly that persons involved in obtaining information about others or their activities need to be licensed. The competency specification to obtain a licence includes the skills and knowledge to conduct investigations and interviews, search for information and preserve evidence. It also states that one must understand and work to relevant laws and standards. Each of our Call Handlers has over 25 years’ experience in these competencies.
  • Safecall’s Call Handlers possess lifelong experience when keeping their professional and personal lives separate. Respecting our client’s confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and our Call Handler’s professionalism reflects this.

We do not audio record any calls. If calls were recorded they would have to be retained and made available to appropriate parties if a call resulted in civil or criminal proceedings. The audio recording could lead to a caller, who has requested anonymity, having their voice identified and therefore the company's ability to guarantee anonymity to their employees could not be guaranteed.