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Join our mission to make the working world a safer place.

We are seeing high levels of demand for our services, and you might be able to help us resolve workplace wrongdoing amongst your network.

An independent whistleblowing service can deliver the following benefits to any business, large or small;

  • Early issue identification
  • Enhanced issue resolution
  • Deter wrong-doing


This in turn can;

  • Increase employee moral
  • Decrease employee attrition
  • Demonstrate good governance to employees, management, clients and investors


For you this will;

  • Help to make workplaces across the globe safer for employees
  • Help your clients, members or partners meet their needs
  • Help you provide value to your network with discounted subscription offers
  • Increase your awareness of this rapidly evolving space
  • We have an established programme working with partners large and small


Could your organisation benefit from a whistleblowing hotline?

If your network would benefit from the above please get in touch with us at