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Whistleblowing Training From Safecall

  • 20th May 2020

Whistleblowing is hugely important when it comes to keeping a business trustworthy and its customers/clients safe. That's why, at Safecall, we can provide you with a range of training options that will educate staff at all levels on the importance of a healthy and open complaints process. 

Safecall's whistleblowing training courses are designed to not only educate staff on the whistleblowing and complaints resolution processes, but also to build confidence that the system works and can be trusted.  

eLearning and classroom sessions 

We currently run the following video-based eLearning courses: 

  • Whistleblowing Basics for All-Staff  
    Gives staff at all levels a better understanding of the importance of whistleblowing, the reporting procedures, and the responsibility that firms have towards members of staff who blow the whistle (such as anonymity.) 
  • Whistleblowing Basics for Managers 
    Focuses on what managers, and other senior members of staff, need to know in order to better support whistleblowers throughout the entirety of the complaints and investigation processes. 

We can also deliver a more traditional, classroom-based session on how to conduct a whistleblowing investigation, giving your staff the tools necessary to carry out their own inquiries once a complaint has been raised. 

Training Materials

Written training materials 

As part of our training offering, Safecall can furnish you with presentations or handouts (available as physical copies or digital format) that contain key information on a wide-range of topics relating to whistleblowing. 


Data Protection 



Organisational Culture 

Policy / Code of Conduct 

Corporate Governance 

Diversity and Inclusion 

General Safety 



Whistleblowing for staff/managers 


Bribery and Corruption 

Racism and Discrimination 

Conflicts of Interest 

Bullying and Harassment 

Unfair Treatment & Victimisation 

Gifts and Hospitality 


Money Laundering 

Fair Competition / Anti-trust 

Substance Abuse 

Export Controls & Trade Sanctions 

Product Contamination 

More Information about Training

For more information about our current and upcoming eLearning courses