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Online whistleblowing training from Safecall will help your business

  • 14th July 2020

How whistleblowing training from Safecall will help your business

If you want your staff to have the confidence and faith necessary to raise a complaint when they see something wrong, something that could have a detrimental effect on your business, then you need to give them whistleblowing training from Safecall.

We know how important it can be to businesses that staff speak out in the face of wrongdoing, but we also recognise that not all members of a team understand the complaints process enough to speak out. Our range of training courses and support materials will remove these barriers, creating a more open, transparent and supportive culture.

Here's how we do it.

Safecall's eLearning and classroom sessions

Our eLearning courses are video based and SCORM compliant, meaning that they can be hosted on your Learning Management System. Alternatively, we can arrange to host the training at no extra cost.

We currently offer the following two eLearning courses:

Whistleblowing Basics for All-Staff 
Staff throughout the company will receive a better understanding of the issues around whistleblowing, including the workings of the reporting procedure, the responsibility firms have to whistleblowers, and the situations that can be resolved through raising concerns.

Whistleblowing Basics for Managers
Training that will allow managers and senior members of staff to understand the best ways to support and protect whistleblowers throughout the duration of an investigation, instilling confidence in the complaints process and the company as a whole.

We also run an online Investigation Management course - Our training sessions will give your employees the skills necessary to conduct comprehensive whistleblowing enquiries. With the knowledge taken from these courses, employees at all levels of the business will have the skills and confidence to affect real change. 

We don't just offer interactive and video-based training schemes. Another option to train your staff on the benefits and practicalities of whistleblowing is to order one of our presentations or handouts.

Available in physical form or in various digital formats, these materials give your team all of the information they need to understand and act upon a huge range of conduct and misconduct issues, We're adding topics to our suite of training courses all the time, so let us know if there is a topic that could help your business to better understand the need for whistleblowing procedures. 

For a full list of topics we cover see below;


◦ Data Protection
◦ Integrity
◦ Reputation
◦ Organisational Culture
◦ Policy / Code of Conduct
◦ Corporate Governance
◦ Diversity and Inclusion
◦ General Safety
◦ Environment


◦ Whistleblowing for staff/managers
◦ Fraud
◦ Bribery and Corruption
◦ Racism and Discrimination
◦ Conflicts of Interest
◦ Bullying and Harassment
◦ Unfair Treatment & Victimisation
◦ Gifts and Hospitality
◦ Theft
◦ Money Laundering
◦ Fair Competition / Anti-trust
◦ Substance Abuse
◦ Export Controls & Trade Sanctions
◦ Product Contamination