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Release Notes - 7 April 2020

In time of ever increasing change, having some constants helps keep you grounded. While our development team are now working from home, we're still working on updates to the Safecall platform. We'll be releasing these regularly, but things may take a bit longer than we thought.

Today we've made a further set of updates to our Report Metrics, which is available to all our clients.

Report Recipients can now pick their own date range, rather than selecting from a list of options. You can also save the chart as an image and export the data which generates the chart. Both buttons are immediately under the chart for ease.

After receiving feedback, we've also added a few prompts when a case is closed. You'll be shown the Report Reference before closing, so you can make sure you're in the right place. Thank you to those who got in contact to suggest this.

These updates are included (read: free) for all clients, they will magically appear, and do not require any downtime.

We love feedback, and I read everything which comes in to If you have any thoughts, please do reach out.