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Release Notes - 28 April 2020

Transparency is something that you need to practice, and often it’ll be hardest when it’s most needed.

In that spirit, Safecall are making two commitments:

First – that we’ll be open and clear with changes we make to the platform. We’ll do this via the little banner you probably clicked on to get here. It’s easy to brag about new features that you’re proud of, but it’s harder to speak openly about issues…so…

Second - our system status is publicly accessible to everyone, everywhere. If any part of our service is experiencing issues which effect multiple parties, we'll reflect this here.

We’ll also be using our statuspage to keep you up to date of how the issue is being resolved.

So instead of believing a statement of intent within an RFP, or requesting historical uptime, you can check it out yourself. All day, every day. Rain or shine. Even if you’re not (yet) a client of ours.

We love feedback, and I read everything which comes in to If you have any thoughts, please do reach out.