Health checks and auditing services for your whistleblowing processes

We offer assessment, advice on implementation, and gap analysis of whistleblowing systems and processes.


Who are Safecall? - Independent whistleblowing service providers trusted by businesses and organisations worldwide. Full range of services from hotlines and whistleblower case management software, through to training and independent investigations.

High level of expertise - Our impartial report handlers each have at least 25 years’ experience at handling difficult conversations and sensitive subject matters.

True channel choice - Report suspected wrongdoing safely and securely via telephone helplines, website or email.

Best-in-class whistleblowing portal allows you to receive and manage your whistleblowing cases securely, effectively and efficiently in-line with industry best practice.

Ensure all cases are handled consistently and in line with your policies and procedures.


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Safecall in partnership with GAN Integrity 

GAN Integrity helps global organisations elevate business ethics everywhere.

They work with the world’s smartest companies to help them manage risk, impact behavior, and deliver long-term strategic value. GAN empowers enterprises to embed ethics in and around their business by engaging everyone, from front-line workers to third parties and shareholders on their journey towards ethical business transformation.

Their Integrity Platform has built-in flexibility to quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements combined with the ever-demanding ethical expectations of employees.

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