New - Management Information Module

Management Information Module

We have launched a new module for our online portal which affords you better insights and improved visibility of your data. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.


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New chart types, trendlines, filters and table views
  • Add trendlines to your data and easily identify increase, decreases or changes in your reporting.
  • Choose from multiple types of charting to best represent your data.
  • Export all charts directly as a PNG or a PDF.
  • Choose from 8 multi-select filters to interrogate your data.
  • Save and share your filtered views for easy and consistent reporting.
  • Access the reports directly from the Management Information view.
  • View reports that you have access to and view statistical information from those you do not.


Want to know more about our Case Management Software?

Our Case Management Software allows you to: 

  • Add cases received via other channels (e.g. face to face or email)
  • Triage and Risk Assess Reports
  • Manage and Assign Investigators
  • Create your own report classifications
  • Assign reports to areas of your business
  • Tract awareness of your whistleblowing function

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