Hager Group

Hager Group

Reporting an Issue

Hager Group’s success depends on the trust it inspires in its stakeholders. The key to this trust is our integrity. All our employees and executives are expected to live our values and ethical principles and conduct business accordingly. In our culture of openness, we encourage all employees to raise their genuine concerns, to ask for advice and guidance when facing difficult ethical issues, but also to point out unacceptable behaviours and demands, without fear of retaliation.


The Review Process, Confidentiality & Anonymity

In line with our culture of care, all reported matters are reviewed diligently and brought to an appropriate conclusion by our Group Ethics Officer. We take confidentially on all reported matters extremely serious and involve only the minimum number of people necessary for any discreet investigation. We communicate with the reporting individual if possible and as appropriate and are dedicated to maintaining the anonymity of anybody who demonstrates courage and integrity in stepping forward to report matters of concern.