Why do you need a Whistleblowing hotline

Implementing a Whistleblowing hotline, or a confidential reporting system, is essential for companies looking to gain insight into their business. Whistleblowing reporting channels can act as an early warning system for potential risk as well as giving your employees the freedom to raise concerns.

Know more about what is going on in your organisation

It can be difficult for employees, contractors and other stakeholders to speak up. They are your eyes and ears, and their knowledge is highly valuable. Safecall’s whistleblowing service will let you create a culture of openness and gain a true sense of your organisation.

Safecall's whistleblowing service scales with you

As your organisation grows you need more from your whistleblowing service. Safecall can provide whistleblowing reporting channels for all shapes and sizes of organisations, ensuring regulatory compliance and best in class reporting, as well as investigative support and training.