Accepting gifts and hospitality at work

Giving and receiving gifts and hospitality is often normal practice in companies and organisations. That said, accepting or giving of improper gifts exposes your organisation to fines, loss of trust both internally and externally and damage to your reputation

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  • Mark Peters

    "The gifts & hospitality tool gives me real time access to all data colleagues have entered via the on line portal from around the world."

    Mark Peters, Group Company Secretary, UBM

Why use our gifts service?

Controlling and managing gifts across your company or organisation can be challenging. Maybe you have a wide geographical spread or there are various methods of reporting across departments. Think how much time and effort could be saved if you could manage this from a single central source.

  • Easy to use for employees
  • Simple to implement and deploy
  • Instant alerts when high value transactions entered
  • Real-time analysis
  • Bribery Act compliant

"The ability to analyse trends and transactions at the click of a mouse saves our clients a significant amount of time and effort. The dashboard view gives them instant access to all of the most recent entries in an easy to consume format"

Graham Long - CEO and Co-Founder


Yes, you can set a value that is appropriate to your organisation.

Yes, you can set different limits to reflect the specific requirements of your organisation.

Yes, you dictate who should receive an alert when a gift is entered.

Yes, there are several ways to access reports including a dashboard view, PDf, pre-defined or customised excel documents.

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