Safecall can now assist you with your compliance challenges

Regulatory compliance can be a minefield at the best of times so why not seek assistance from those who live and breathe it. Working alongside an award-winning, Global 100 law firm, Safecall can now assist you with your compliance challenges. Our colleagues at Cerico create complete online solutions to enable organisations to ensure their employees and business partners undergo thorough, systematic and rigorous compliance checks. Processes are tailored to your needs but are quick, unobtrusive and auditable; they are also conducted continually to maintain compliance.

Cerico’s solutions 

The Cerico solutions have been devised by a leading team of regulatory lawyers click here to learn more 

  • Automated business partner due diligence and third-party vetting
  • Compliance certification
  • A suite of up-to-the-minute eLearning training courses
  • Online registers for gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interest and more
  • Access to advisory services for the strategic development of policies and procedures, or for reactive support in the event of investigations where issues are uncovered

Regulatory compliance can easily be integrated with your existing Whistleblowing hotline service. To find out more about our new offering, please get in touch.