Human Resources

Human Resources

It is often said the most important asset to a business is the people they employ.

We are now seeing a higher level of involvement of Human Resources officers, who are often the champions for the inclusion of an external line as part of their overall whistleblowing policy.

Our operating procedures focus on the needs and requirements of the HR function to ensure that our service delivery dovetails with the ethos and values of the organisation. Working closely with the HR team gives us a real feel for the business and helps us tailor employee communications and marketing pieces to gain the best results from the service.

The Safecall service is there to be part of an organisation’s whistleblowing procedure and does not look to replace the HR function, or seek to give advice to any caller about a company’s policy. The service exists to assist employees who may feel unable or uncomfortable using other internal reporting options.

We advocate that when communicating our service that clients advise staff of the three-step process:

  • Report a concern to a Line-Manager
  • If step one is inappropriate, report it to senior management or human resources directly or through an internal reporting method
  • If none of the above is appropriate then contact Safecall
We have received many calls over the years regarding bullying, racism and sexual harassment. It is often the case that employees find it easier to initially talk to someone outside the organisation about such matters.  At Safecall, we endeavour to encourage the caller to speak directly with HR over their concerns and on many occasions we are able to facilitate this outcome.