Benefits of Whistleblowing

Safecall’s confidential hotline helps your organisation enhance a culture of openness and integrity by giving a voice to employees, contractors and your supply chain.

Our service helps meet the on-going challenges and demands posed by regulations, employee relations and investors.

  • We are UK based with a global reach
  • We are multi-lingual and work across all time zones
  • Safecall provides a safe and secure platform ensuring that whatever the issue, the information remains in the control of your organisation
Every business strives to operate in an open and ethical manner. However, at times issues do occur.  

In an age of ubiquitous social media, it is perhaps even more pressing to the stability and growth of organisations, to try and stem detrimental issues that could damage a company’s hard earned reputation and brand name.

We recognise that whilst there are many generic benefits delivered by professionally run confidential hotlines, there are also benefits that are role specific. Please click on the following links for more information on each one:

Benefits of whistleblowing

  • Helps create or enhance a culture of openness
  • Demonstrating that malpractice and wrongdoing is taken seriously and will be dealt with at the highest level
  • Establishes best practice and good governance to employees, regulators and investors
  • Safecall’s whistleblowing service is a mechanism to keep disclosures of malpractice and wrongdoing out of the media, thereby protecting your organisation’s reputation
  • Provides senior management, Directors and Non-Executives with an overall temperature of their business
  • Gives a voice to contractors, suppliers and supply chain 
  • Provides a multilingual service for non-English speaking people ensuring everyone can report their concerns 
  • Guidance for those looking to implement a reporting system for the first time