Key Facts

Key Facts

Key Facts

Safecall is wholly owned by The Law Debenture Corporation p.l.c., it was established in 1889 and is a leading provider of worldwide independent fiduciary services.  The Safecall bureau is based in the North East of England.  Our Call Handlers each have over 25 years investigative experience interviewing witnesses, securing and retaining evidence and each one complies with all current UK legislation.

Safecall Provides:

  • UK based operation with a global reach
  • Safe and secure methods of reporting, including telephone, web, e-mail and text
  • 24/7, 365 days Freephone access
  • Multi-lingual support  (170+ languages)
  • Highly skilled Call Handlers, each with 25 years’ experience in their field
  • Management and support team who are experts in the field 
  • Call handling specific to client and country requirements
  • First class comprehensive written reports
  • Corporate Gifts and Hospitality reporting facility
  • Case Management system


  • All employees extensively vetted
  • Robust commercial ICT security
  • Encrypted communications
  • Full disaster recovery suite

 Client Support

  • Dedicated client services manager pre and post implementation
  • Implementation guidance and assistance
  • Bespoke Employee communications support
  • On-line employee surveys 
  • Benchmarking and management information
  • Data protection guidance

Case Management system to enable clients to:

  • Manage reports and investigations
  • Evidence Audit trails of investigations
  • Access reports received outside of Safecall
  • Conduct in depth analysis of all reports
  • Trend analysis view