Clients utilising the Safecall whistleblowing service have benefited from receiving invaluable knowledge of matters which could otherwise have been harmful to their organisation.

Even with a culture of openness within a company, employees can fail to report wrongdoing or concerns for the following reasons:  

  • Unsure of who to talk to
  • Feel that internal channels are blocked or the concern will not reach someone who can make a difference
  • They do not want to challenge the status quo
  • Lack of anonymity
  • Fear of reprisals
  • Feel they may not be taken seriously

Points to consider about your current system:

  • Is it used?
  • Can employees report anonymously, if appropriate?
  • Do employees trust the system?
  • How easy is it to raise concerns about fraud if an employee only has a suspicion?
  • Are staff comfortable raising corporate governance matters when they may be reporting to those suspected of wrongdoing?
  • Are you always aware of bullying, health & safety concerns, discrimination, racism etc.?
  • Is it safe and confidential enough to comply with the ‘adequate procedures’ defence under The Bribery Act 2010?

It is impossible for senior management to know everything that goes on within their company. The implementation of the Safecall service ensures that management can gain a sense of their business’ true ‘temperature’.

Employees and contractors are the eyes and ears of all organisations and the value of the knowledge they hold should not be dismissed.