Value for Money

Is introducing an external whistleblowing service good value for money?

It would be wrong for us to say that by having our reporting line you will automatically save money. What we can say is that since the late nineties we have helped clients save many millions of pounds by quickly identifying issues before they escalate.


A number of clients have been able to recoup the cost of the service shortly after its introduction, as a result of calls from staff regarding fraud and other potentially expensive concerns.

The system also has hidden cost advantages such as a lessening of bullying and discrimination, protection of reputation and public image and can lead to massive savings in legal fees and damages awards.


Early awareness of concerns may lead to a reduction in the following: 


  •  Management time and costs

  •  The cost of replacing employees

  •  Risk of harm to public image and reputation 

  •  Legal expenses

  •  Fines and penalties


We provide potential clients with a simple yet powerful return on investment projection based on key industry statistics and whilst this can only be taken as a guide, it gives a powerful argument towards the introduction of our service.  We would be happy to provide a return on investment report for your organisation.