Safecall works closely with all our clients to ensure that we achieve the best results and therefore best value from our confidential reporting system. To achieve such success we must ensure that employees and others for whom the scheme is intended know about it.

A marketing strategy is developed with the client to ensure that all parts of the organisation are fully aware of the service and what it can do for them.

In developing this strategy it may help to include the involvement of senior management, staff associations, trade unions and other interested groups.


A promotion campaign is devised which provides a simple message identifying the following areas: -

           1)  What Safecall does 


           2)  That it is external and independent


           3)  That all calls will be treated in confidence


           4)  That it is external but provided by your organisation for their benefit


The promotion campaign is disseminated to staff by a variety of means.  Our research shows that posters in the workplace, accompanied by articles for internal magazines/newspapers/intranet etc is the most successful means of getting the message across.


A personal message from a figurehead within the organisation is worth including in the marketing materials.


We would be delighted to provide marketing advice and assist with these and other advertising materials.  A bespoke design and printing service is also available to clients.