The proper implementation of our service means you will get more calls and we will be more successful.  It is in everyone's interest to ensure the smooth implementation of Safecall and therefore we provide advice based on implementation with other clients, a client liaison manager and a full Safecall Implementation Guide.


The guide follows a step by step process, produced to ensure implementation is trouble free, as efficient as possible, on time and provides a post implementation review.


The following are some examples of the issues we suggest clients consider: 

• Review of existing policies, practices and procedures.

• Assurances to staff that internal procedures remain in place.

• A comprehensive marketing strategy to explain who can use it and ensuring that all parts of the organisation are included.

• How callers will receive the full support of the organisation.

• Structures are in place to receive the reports from Safecall and how they are actioned.

• Involvement of senior management, staff associations, trade unions and other interested groups as to the aims and objectives of the service.

• Identifying a figurehead within the organisation.