Receiving a Report

Receiving a Report

Clients have the option of accessing our on-line Case Management system to manage reports and conduct subsequent investigations.

The system was built after extensive client research to gain a full understanding of how people would like to use the system in their day to day role.

The report begins with the initial log by Safecall and continues through to the client closing the report. With our on-line Client Management system, users are able to gain access to the history and status of any investigation.
Once Safecall has added a new report to the database an automatic notification is sent to the client, who can then access the report from anywhere in the world. They use the system to control any investigation that may follow, allocate work to a colleague and set alerts to ensure actions are completed in a timely manner.

No installing of software or additional hardware is required as we set everything up and provide introductory and on-going support as well as training carried out either face-to-face or via a web function.

The key benefits of the Case Management system include:

  • Real-time access to any report on the system
  • Life history of all reports
  • All relevant documentation can be attached to the report including images, video files, Word, Excel documents etc.
  • The system can be used to manage internal and external investigations
  • All communications, such as e-mails and Word documents are attached to the report making them easier to read and be accessed  
  • It is a comprehensive suite of Management Information
  • Two way communication for all Investigating Officers
  • Two way secure communication for the person making the report
  • Multi-level user access depending on system privilege
  • Alert Dashboard system to identify all timelines, highlighting any time critical issues
  • Bespoke system set-up is available in order to suit individual and company demands
  • Hardware and data is stored on our secure servers
  • SSL certificated site

An online demonstration of the system can be provided by a member of our team. Click here to contact us.