Employee Awareness

Employee Awareness

Ensuring that employees, contractors and suppliers are made aware of a company’s whistleblowing policy is crucial when considering the overall effectiveness of the service. An effective whistleblowing environment does not merely rely on putting policies in place to adhere to regulation, if employees are not aware of the service, the service will not be used. From the onset a dedicated Client Manager will support you in the development of an awareness strategy to promote the whistleblowing service and its benefits.

We work closely with customers to ensure the profile of the service is maintained at the appropriate level. You understand your business and how best to communicate with the workforce and working in partnership; our service will help you enhance this.

Some of the key areas to consider when promoting the whistleblowing service include:

  • Who Safecall are and what we do
  • The service is external and independent
  • The service is there for everyone
  • If required, callers can remain anonymous 
  • That the system is supported by senior management
  • The service is an addition to all other internal policies

The Safecall whistleblowing service is there to help your workforce. We suggest that the awareness should be communicated in a positive manner.

A bespoke in-house design and printing service is available for all of our clients. We provide innovative designs to ensure the whistleblowing service is correctly portrayed. Safecall believe that each customer is unique and this is reflected in the work we do.

As part of our recommended Audit, Review and Refresh your dedicated Client Manger will provide you with management information, benchmarking data, service and communication reviews. This will ensure the service we provide is kept fresh, current and in-line with any changes to internal policies and legislation. This data will help formulate ideas for future awareness campaigns.