All clients have the option of our online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database to manage reports and conduct subsequent investigations.  The CRM system is based upon what we, as experienced investigators, would want from a system.


Safecall is unique in that the majority of our staff are former police officers who have spent many years interviewing witnesses and conducting investigations at the highest level.  We are regularly asked by clients to provide investigative advice and our investigation training course for managers is nationally accredited.  We know what is needed to manage a proper investigation.


From the initial report being logged by Safecall through to the client closing the report you have a complete view of the life history of a call and can quickly identify the status of any report.

Users do not require any additional hardware nor do they have to install any software; we set everything up and provide introductory and ongoing support and training to all our clients.

The key benefits include: -


  •  Real time access to any report on the system

  •  Life history of a report

  •  All relevant documentation can be attached to the report including images, video files, word and excel documents etc.

  •  Clients can use the system to manage other investigations

  •  All communications are attached to the report such as email, fax and letters

  •  A comprehensive suite of management information

  •  Two way communication for investigating officer(s)

  •  Two way communication for the person making the report

  •  Multi level user access depending on system privilege

  •  Alert system to identify any time critical issues

  •  Users can have the system set up to suit their individual and company demands

  •  Hardware and data is stored on our secure website

  •  SSL certificated site